Friday, 18 March 2011

A French (fashion) Invasion

I recently took a trip to Paris, and needless to say...

Paris + Eurostar + snow = STRANDED

tired and hungry passengers

Turns out it was worth all the waiting as Eurostar have since paid for us to go back! 

So, whilst in Paris, I stumbled across a few delights - in fact the whole of Paris is a delight in my opinion. The first, a Rock and Roll inspired fashion brand aptly named The Kooples which is parisian slang meaning 'couples'.

The brand has since hit London and word on the street is they are expanding across the UK and USA. I love the way they embrace the couple as a single identity, encouraging girls to steal their boyfriend/housemate/friend/brothers clothes - what a genius idea, and a saviour to my bank account! 

My second exciting find was a little vintage store called Losing Today. It's imaginative window display alone made me stop in my little parisian tracks. 

a pile of retro television sets create 
this innovative window display

"what's inside the bag?!" i hear you ask... well, it's something that ticks the SS11 floral trend perfectly.

Vintage, floral print tapestry bag with 
metal clasp opening - €19

Now, tapestry is a tricky debate, since the tote has been dubbed the "Grandma Bag". Nevertheless, I think the delicate detail of the fabric teamed with leather trims makes granny very chic. 

If you're thinking ooh la la and would like a bit of tapestry yourself then have a look at the lovely purse I spotted on the high street - a good replica, yes, but vintage just has that certain... je nais c'est quoi?

Tapestry print purse - £19.99 (River Island)


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  3. I really love the name "The Kooples"! So sweet and cute! I love the idea of borrowing your boyfriend's clothes! And the tapestry print handbag is beautifully designed! xoxoxoo

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  6. Thanks for your lovely comment, you made my day :')! Well, I bought the lace top in Amsterdam! Hmm that's strange that you couldn't find it in England, I hope you do! ... Waaah you went to Paris, im jealous!!

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